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#1 Billboard Charting, Grammy Award Winning


Brent "Skrilla Star" Morrison is the founding Executive Producer of rising record label GetLife Records. Growing up immersed in church music, Brent nurtured a passion for playing various instruments that led him to pursue music production full-time. 

Working with artists like Gary Carriero, Capella Grey, Jovan and Lady Holly already under the GetLife umbrella, Brent's genre-bending style is prominent - drawing from gospel, hip-hop, pop, country, blues and R&B. His productions reflect both his musical influences and personal mission to build an artistic community. 

When he's not in the studio, Brent focuses on lifestyle building and cultural enrichment. He aims to cultivate an environment where creatives can pursue their dreams while enhancing their way of living. This balanced approach is part of what drives GetLife Records' success. 

Indeed, Brent has been pleasantly surprised by the global reach of his music. His mentors admire his dynamic, extraordinary work ethic and collaborative leadership. Within five years, Brent envisions GetLife achieving mainstream success while elevating artists' careers and lifestyles.

One career highlight was performing alongside Grammy winner Donnie McClurkin. Ultimately though, Brent's biggest accomplishment would be using culture as a vehicle for positive change - giving others the freedom to design lives on their own terms. Under Skrilla Star's guidance, GetLife Records is well on its way towards realizing that goal.

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