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Record Breaking Indie Label Artist Gary Carriero Aims for 8 Straight Chart Topping Hits with Highly Anticipated Mantra of a Thousand Dreams.

Gary Carriero, the top charting indie artist is set to launch his highly anticipated project: Mantra of a Thousand Dreams. This project will be released in 3 different parts, with each one sure to take listeners on an emotional journey.


Carriero has been making waves in the music industry ever since he debuted his first single back in 2021 in Vegas with launch of his Premium Elite Lifestyle club. Since then, he’s had 6 consecutive chart topping hits, and now he’s taking it to the next level by launching his own record label with some of his closest friends. 


Speaking about the project, Carriero said “I wanted to create something that was more than just music. I wanted to create a movement - something that would inspire people and take them on an emotional journey. That’s why I decided to release my project like a series - so that each part has its own unique feel and story.” 


The first part of this series is set to release later this year, and it promises to be an exciting ride. With its unique blend of pop, R&B, soul and electronic elements, it’s sure to capture the hearts of many listeners around the world. 


Carriero isn't stopping there either; he's also looking forward to launching his own record label with some of his closest friends. The new label will focus on promoting emerging talent from all over the world, giving artists a platform for their creative expression and inspiring stories. 


Carriero's new project and record label are sure to make waves in the music industry this year. With his 6 straight chart topping hits already under his belt, fans can expect nothing less than greatness from him as he continues on this journey.


The first installment of Mantra of a Thousand Dreams is set to launch soon and fans can expect nothing but great things from this exciting venture. With his talent and passion for music, Gary Carriero is sure to have another hit on his hands! This innovative project promises to showcase some exciting sounds from one of music's brightest stars!


• Get ready to experience an emotional journey with Gary Carriero's new album, Mantra of a Thousand Dreams.

• Enjoy top charting music from the highly renowned artist, plus more with his own record label.

• Follow along on an inspiring musical movement that’s sure to captivate you and excite your senses.

• Support a team of friends who are committed to creating and delivering the best in music entertainment.

"It's about time", (Congressman Elect )

"I was there when this gem was being created, I was in the room!!" ( Brian Morrison)

"This is the one, all you need is one!!Im telling you!" ( Michael J. Macdonald)

"I'm so excited for whats to come and for the world to see what we're doing"

( Don Morton)

Top 20 charts 6 times consecutively.

Over 50 thousand shazams around the world.

In 2021 launched partnered travel and leisure lifestyle club with members stretching over 40 countries.


Gary Carriero is a multifaceted businessperson and entertainer from Westchester, New York. As President and Owner of GetLife Records, he is an acclaimed multi-charting recording artist, singer, songwriter, executive producer, and accredited NLP Engineer. With a degree from Utica College and graduating from Stepinac High school of White Plains NY, Gary has made his mark with multiple successes in the music industry—ultimately being Shazamed over 50 thousand times around the world. Not only is he knowledgeable in the music world but also business as a practitioner and advisor on big strategies. He's become an engaging marketer whose unique approach to business has been a great asset to many.

To get in contact with Gary Carriero or GetLife Records For Media, press and all other Enquires please get in touched with Bestie at


Gary Carriero's highly anticipated project Mantra of a Thousand Dreams is set to take the music world by storm. The upcoming EP/album promises an otherworldly experience that blends art, music and philosophy into an immersive sonic journey. Inspired by ancient mantras and infused with Pop, electronica, hip-hop and jazz influences, the album showcases Carriero’s unique sound and vision. Featuring collaborations from some of today's top producers, the project will explore a range of complex themes from global consciousness to personal identity. With its bold production elements and expansive musical palette, this ambitious effort will be sure to please fans both old and new. Get ready for an extraordinary musical odyssey when Mantra of a Thousand Dreams drops later this year! RSVP TO THE MANTRA OF A THOUSAND DREAMS LISTENING SOCIAL!!

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